Can eapol_test rx EAPOL from a supplicant other than the built-in one?

Amber Sistla ambers
Tue Aug 14 11:05:06 PDT 2007



Here's what I want to do.


My network consists of 3 machines connected via LAN:




I want the supplicant to send EAPOL to the Authenticator, 

Then have the authenticator encapsulate the eapol packet in radius and
forward it to the RADIUS_Server.

The RADIUS_Server then processes it, sends it back to the authenticator
which then sends it back to the supplicant.


I already have the supplicant piece and the RADIUS_Server piece.


I need the Authenticator piece.

Eapol_test performs similar to what I want to do, except it uses the
built-in supplicant.

Is it possible to get eapol_test to ignore the built-in supplicant, and wait
in a loop for eapol requests coming from the supplicant over the wired

Does it need more of the functionality from hostapd for this?

Pointers about which functions I should look at would be greatly



Amber Sistla

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