Can someone tell me the status of IBSS support with wpa_supplicant?

Dan Kramarsky dkramarsky68
Wed May 10 17:41:10 PDT 2006

1.) Where can I find the status of testing wpa_supplicant in IBSS modes?

Specifically, I am interested in inter-operability tests between wpa_supplicant and
Windoze machines with Netgear, Intel and Linksys NICs while using WZC.  With
wpa_supplicant configured for WPA-PSK as well as WPA-NONE

This test seems very appropriate since in business, as well as academia, you are likely
to come in contact with a colleague with a windoze machine and need to setup an ad-hoc
network to transfer large files/images.  But the question is:  will it be a stable

2.) Is there support in wpa_supplicant for ad-hoc groups with MORE than 2 nodes?

3.) What are some of the other limitations for wpa_supplicant in IBSS modes?
For example:  Is the connection stable over several hours with heavy* TCP/IP traffic like
the traffic that can be acheived with iPerf or netPerf ?

*  heavy = 20 Mbps TCP/IP Net throughput.

Any information at all about IBSS and wpa_supplicant would be very helpful.  thank you.

-dan kramarsky
kiyon, inc.
san diego, usa

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