Automatic disabling of Windows WZC

Gentoopower gentoopower
Mon May 8 14:31:57 PDT 2006

A quick question regarding wpa_supplicant.

Is wpa_supplicant running as a Windows Service?
Right now I have a Edimax with Ralink 2500 Chipset and I'm using the
ralink wireless tool to connect to my AP.
The problem with that method is, that this tool only starts if a user is
logged in, if I restart my Server via remote connection the wireless
network won't be available anymore until someone logs on locally.
If I use the builtin windows wireless tool, then there is a small
connection break every 60s, ralink support said this is due to some scan
that the wireless service does every 60s, besides that I haven't had
great experience with this windows builtin wireless tool, sometimes the
connection is lost and it won't connect until I reboot the machine. I
experienced that with different wireless cards.

Therefore wpa_supplicant might be the perfect replacement for these two
tools on my Windows 2003 Server in case wpa_supplicant runs as a service.
I'd be happy to give it a try since  I have had great experience on this
machine running gentoo linux , ndiswrapper + wpa_supplicant.

Regards, Ric

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> I added some experimental code to automatically disable WZC (Microsoft
> component for managing wireless interfaces and EAPOL/EAP/WPA
> authentication) when wpa_supplicant is started. This code is using an
> undocumented interface (wzcsapi) that has already changed number of
> times, so it is not exactly most stable mechanism.. Anyway, I tried to
> make the implementation handle error cases without problems; one just
> has to disable WZC manually if the automatic mechanism does not work.
> So far, I have only tested this on WinXP SP2. If someone has easy access
> to other versions (Win2k, XP without service packs, XP SP1, XP SP2
> without WPA/WPA2 updates, Win2003), it would be interesting to hear
> whether this change works on those versions and even more importantly,
> whether it breaks anything. A snapshot build with this change can be
> downloaded from


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