[newbie] hostapd as a proxy RADIUS server for embedded systems

Federico Bianchi f.bianchi
Thu Jun 22 01:18:35 PDT 2006

Hello you all!

(I have been a system/network administrator for about a decade now, but I
am actually a newbie when it comes to hostapd, so please apologize me if I
am asking something you take for granted)

I would like to use hostapd as an integrated RADIUS/EAP server on a
Linksys AP; its neighbour Ethernet switch also supports 802.1X, so I am
planning to use for both wireless and wired authentication. My question
is: is it possible to use hostapd as a caching proxy RADIUS server? And,
if so (I think I can), how?

Best regards, and thanks a lot for your help and patience

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			Universita` di Pisa
			piazza S.Matteo in Soarta, 2 - I56127 Pisa (Italy)
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