Network crash in pseudo ad-hoc

Gambhir, Pulkit Pulkit** CTR ** pgambhir
Tue Jun 20 21:44:00 PDT 2006

i am using hostap v0.2.4 .... try downgrading 

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>when you see signal level = -100Bm, it means that your card is not getting
>any signal at all.
>The following configuration script works fine for me when I have to put my
>cards into pseudo ibss mode :
>iwconfig wlan0 essid XYZ
>iwconfig wlan0 channel 1
>iwconfig wlan0 mode Ad-Hoc
>prism2_param wlan0 pseudo_ibss 1
>prism2_param wlan0 oper_rates 8

It still doesnt work... Does it matter if the hostap installed in my
laptop is newer than the 0.3.7 at the station i am <->
i have normal connection. in pseudo gets crashed.

Well what you are saying above is:
name essid with xyz
change to channel 1
change to mode ad-hoc
use pseudo ibss
operate at 11Mbps
Thats what i do ...instead i use different essid (which it doesnt matter
as long as the two stations have a different one right?)
i work on channel 11 (i tried different channels but stll nothing)
when i set pseudo ibss 1 ..boom wireless is stuck!!!!!!kaput!

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