[PATCH] more dbus control interface functionality

Jeremy L. Moles jeremy
Mon Jun 19 06:37:44 PDT 2006

Is there any place someone can get a "ground zero" patch for these D-BUS
patches? Say, for example, I was working with 0.5.3--or, perhaps, are
they in a CVS branch?

On Sun, 2006-06-18 at 00:52 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> Continue to fill out the functionality of the dbus control interface.
> This patch adds:
> - Interface addition and removal
> - Document most functions
> - Scan requests
> - Scan result signals
> - Property retrieval for APs
> - dbus config file for wpa supplicant
> The dbus-dict-helpers.c and .h files are copied over from NetworkManager
> public API, and therefore have the 'nmu_' function prefix, doxygen style
> documentation, a slightly different code style, and the '-' character in
> the file name.  I'd really like to keep these files as close to the NM
> versions as possible so that any fixes/additions to the NM ones go to
> wpa_supplicant with a minimum of rework.  But if any of these issues are
> a problem, I suppose we can work something out.
> The attached python program is a quick example of how to use these bits
> of the dbus interface.  I plan to tackle network block stuff next.
> Dan
> PS - Sorry for the bzipped patch, but the list apparently holds messages
> > 25k for moderation.
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