[PATCH] more dbus control interface functionality

Dan Williams dcbw
Sat Jun 17 21:52:15 PDT 2006

Continue to fill out the functionality of the dbus control interface.
This patch adds:

- Interface addition and removal
- Document most functions
- Scan requests
- Scan result signals
- Property retrieval for APs
- dbus config file for wpa supplicant

The dbus-dict-helpers.c and .h files are copied over from NetworkManager
public API, and therefore have the 'nmu_' function prefix, doxygen style
documentation, a slightly different code style, and the '-' character in
the file name.  I'd really like to keep these files as close to the NM
versions as possible so that any fixes/additions to the NM ones go to
wpa_supplicant with a minimum of rework.  But if any of these issues are
a problem, I suppose we can work something out.

The attached python program is a quick example of how to use these bits
of the dbus interface.  I plan to tackle network block stuff next.


PS - Sorry for the bzipped patch, but the list apparently holds messages
> 25k for moderation.
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