[SOLVED] Re: Association fails on WPA-EAP (TKIP) network

G.W. Haywood ged
Wed Jun 14 11:24:32 PDT 2006

Hi there,

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 Larry Finger wrote:

> ... I had to modify the driver to work around a bug in the firmware
> on my $%#@&* WRT54G V5. I used to have a V1, which I loved, but it
> died and I bought what I thought was an exact replacement. No -
> Linksys went from a Linux-based OS to one on VXWorks and introduced
> a lot of bugs.

Have you tried OpenWRT?  To be honest I don't know if it works on a
WRT54G V5 but I've been using it on several WRT54GS for I think about
two and a half years and it's been absolutely rock-solid.


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