Encryption without authentication?

Dan Williams dcbw
Mon Feb 20 08:26:15 PST 2006

On Sun, 2006-02-19 at 00:28 -0600, Philip M. White wrote:
> At my house I run a wireless network using hostapd.  At this time the
> network uses CCMP/TKIP, and EAP-PEAP for authentication.  As a result, I
> must give the username and password to everyone who wants to use the
> network.
> Is there a way to retain the benefits of CCMP/TKIP without having to
> configure each client with credentials? -- does hostapd support any such
> scheme?  And if it does, what about client support?  I am certain that
> wpa_supplicant would support whatever hostapd supports, but what about
> Windows XP?  As far as I know, Windows XP only supports EAP-TLS and

Isn't plain old CCMP-PSK what you want here?  What prompted you run
EAP-PEAP originally?


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