hostapd never timeouts when reauthentication takes place

Javi Bustamante webo_
Thu Feb 9 09:59:31 PST 2006


I am having a problem with the hostapd eap reauthentication. I am using the 
integrated eap server with the EAP-TLS authentication method. I have noticed 
that, when reathentication is done, the hostapd sends an EAPOL-REQUEST 
Identity packet. The problem is that, if in the other size no one responds 
to this packet, the hostapd doesn't pass to the TIMEOUT STATE and the port 
is still AUTHORIZED. I have been searching in the code, and I have found 
that the EAP state machine doesn't take care of timeouts (this task is left 
to the EAPOL STATE MACHINE), but the EAPOL STATE MACHINE never puts the 
eapTimeout variable to TRUE. Is this normal? I am missing something?

Thanks in advance

Javi Bustamante

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