Fwd: Segmentation Fault: madwifi and hostapd

Chad Meister chadlich
Tue Feb 7 19:53:03 PST 2006


I had a chance to test the patch.  Sorry for the
delay. It works perfectly on the stable release of
hostapd. I still haven't had a chance to it out on the

Thanks for considering rearranging the logger
settings.  It's your call.  I just thought I would
provide some user feedback.

As for the patch that places all the files in the
/etc/hostapd directory, the patch is a dpatch found in
the debian source of hostapd-0.3.7.  After looking at
the patch though, it's not much of patch to the source
, but to the hostapd.conf file.  I misunderstood and
thought the place for the hostap.conf files was
hardcoded in the hostapd source. Instead, the way the
debian package structures hostapd files is the


I'd actually prefer hostapd.deny and hostapd.accept to
be named simply "deny" and "accept."

In any case, would you like me to write a patch for
the hostapd.conf file with the directory structure

The dpatch is located here -
http://pdo.debian.net/stable/net/hostapd - if you want
to examine it yourself.

Thanks again,

--- Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at cc.hut.fi> wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 05:10:41PM -0800, Chad
> Meister wrote:
> > I'll test the code tonight or tomorrow on the
> current
> > release of hostapd.  If I get brave enough to face
> > other issues, I'll test it out on the development
> > hostapd code as well.
> Did you have a chance to test this yet? I'm hoping
> to release 0.4.8 soon
> and was just waiting for confirmation for this
> particular issue.
> > 1) I find the whole hostap logger configuration
> > settings confusing and non-user friendly; i.e,
> setting
> > bitfield makes sense only to programmers. I think
> it
> > would be great if the logging settings could be
> > reworked to something more straightforward.  A
> change
> > in the bitfield operations in the code may not be
> > necessary; the new config settings could simply be
> > translated into the old bit values.
> Fair enough. Though, I would expect most people to
> just disable all
> event logger modules or enable all which have easy
> to use values (0 and
> -1). I'll consider changing this or adding an
> alternative mechanism that
> would allow configuration in the same way as
> wpa_pairwise, i.e.,
> space-separated list of module names.
> > 2) It would be helpful if hostapd apopted the
> debian
> > patch that places all hostapd config files in one
> > location; e.g., in debian it's /etc/hostapd/. 
> (The
> > debian patch also changes a few file names) -
> rather
> > than having them  all float around the other files
> in
> > /etc.
> Where is this patch? Anyway, hostapd does not really
> have any specific
> place for configuration files. Example file may use
> /etc, but users can
> put the files wherever they want.
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