hostapd and GTK handshake?

Andrea G Forte andreaf
Tue Feb 7 12:43:25 PST 2006

Hi all.

I have noticed a few things while working on EAP-TSL with hostapd, 
wpa_supplicant (both using hostap driver) and external RADIUS server.
One is that if I look at the trace of the message exchange, after the 
EAP Success frame, at the end of the authentication process, I see four 
EAPOL key frames (and then encrypted data). Now, these last four frames 
should be for the PTK. What I do not see are the EAPOL frames for the 
GTK which should be right after the ones for PTK. On the hostapd output, 
however, it says GROUP_HANDSHAKE --> COMPLETED which makes me think that 
everything worked just fine, but then, where are the EAPOL frames for this?

On a more silly matter, after the authentication has completed 
successfully on the output of hostapd I see:
EAPOL: startWhen --> 0

and after some time:
EAPOL: authWhile --> 0
EAPOL: idleWhile --> 0

What is their meaning?

Thanks a lot,

I am using CCMP

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