hostapd+RADIUS and bridging.

Andrea G Forte andreaf
Tue Feb 7 09:02:22 PST 2006

I am using hostapd 0.4.7 and hostap-driver 0.4.7. I am also using the 
latest bridge tools.
Firmware is: v1.0.0, v1.1.1, v1.7.4
My setup is: client <-->AP<-->RADIUS
If I do not enable bridging everything works between hostapd and RADIUS, 
however, when I enable bridging the client has communication with the 
outside world via the AP as it should be *but* the RADIUS server becomes 
unreachable. Also, after enabling bridging as explained in the hostap 
README (without wds), I cannot ping anything from the AP/hostapd. So, if 
new stations come , their authentication never completes as hostapd 
cannot talk to the RADIUS server. However, for the client that was 
already authenticated *before* I started bridging in the AP, everything 
is fine in terms of traffic with the outside world.
Am I missing something? Some parameter to configure?

Thanks again,

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