is wpa_supplicant possible on bridged interface?

Markus Krieger krieger
Tue Feb 7 12:09:25 PST 2006

> Devicescape has implemented similar (I would assume) MAC layer NAT. I
> have to admit I don't remember anymore what we did with wpa_supplicant,
> but I'm pretty sure this was working with WPA/WPA2, so I would assume
> there is a workaround that allows bridged interface to work. If this is
> indeed what is being asked here, I can do a bit cleaner implementation
> of this for wpa_supplicant so that it can be used in a similar way as
> the bridge option is used when hostapd is operating with the madwifi driver.

I want to use WRAP-boards as wireless bridge and the cpu on it is quite weak.
So the idea was to use the hardware encryption of the atheros cards to do most 
of the work. WDS and WPA is definitley something i'm looking forward to.

Yesterday i tried to simply mimic the setup of hostapd when the "bridge=" parameter
is used and hardcoded the ifname of my bridge in the wpa_supplicant_driver_init

- wpa_s->l2 = l2_packet_init(wpa_s->ifname,
+ wpa_s->l2 = l2_packet_init("br0",

This time wpa_supplicant has been working while the interface was part of the 
bridge. I didn't manage to get packets from an wired client over the wireless link,
but that's where i asume that the MAC layer NATing is needed.


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