WPA/WPA2 with Prism54 card

Dan Williams dcbw
Wed Dec 20 16:14:12 PST 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 23:08 +0100, Jens Rutschmann wrote:
> Hello,
> in my Notebook I have a miniPCI card with Intersil Prism54 chipset.
> Currently I am forced to use WEP encryption on my wireless network
> because wpa_supplicant doesn't support the card right now.
> Is there any chance that wpa_supplicants' prism54 driver will be
> completed in the near future ?

'wext' is the future (and cfg80211 after that), so card-specific
interfaces shouldn't be used if at all possible.

I ported the WPA support of the prism54 driver to the 'wext'
wpa_supplicant driver a while ago.  It should be able to exist alongside
the prism54-specific ioctls for WPA.  I was not able to extensively test
it, however, because my card died halfway through.

I believe that patch is already upstream.  Could you test it out?  I
think it's in 2.6.19 and later kernels.

There is also another patch floating around (in desperate need of
testers) that completes the 'wext' support of the prism54 driver.  If
the 'wext' bits of prism54 don't work with wpa_supplicant, we need to
fix that.



> I read in the mailing list that several components need to support WPA
> to get it running:
> The hardware: specifications of my chipset say that it supports  "AES
> hardware acceleration"
> The driver: I use the in-kernel driver (kernel 2.6.18)
> And finally wpa_supplicant itself: I guess that concerns
> wpa_supplicants' prism54 driver.
> Can I even get this running if wpa_supplicants' driver would support it ?
> Or would it be better to buy a new card with Atheros or Intel chipset?
> Regards,
> Jens Rutschmann
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