WPA/WPA2 with Prism54 card

Jens Rutschmann Jens.Rutschmann
Wed Dec 20 14:08:35 PST 2006

in my Notebook I have a miniPCI card with Intersil Prism54 chipset.
Currently I am forced to use WEP encryption on my wireless network
because wpa_supplicant doesn't support the card right now.

Is there any chance that wpa_supplicants' prism54 driver will be
completed in the near future ?

I read in the mailing list that several components need to support WPA
to get it running:
The hardware: specifications of my chipset say that it supports  "AES
hardware acceleration"
The driver: I use the in-kernel driver (kernel 2.6.18)
And finally wpa_supplicant itself: I guess that concerns
wpa_supplicants' prism54 driver.

Can I even get this running if wpa_supplicants' driver would support it ?
Or would it be better to buy a new card with Atheros or Intel chipset?

Jens Rutschmann

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