WPA_Supplicant doesn't seem to like WUSB54GS NDISWrapper drivers

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Tue Aug 22 19:30:09 PDT 2006

On Tue, Aug 22, 2006 at 12:04:43PM -0400, Jacob wrote:

> Network-Manager, compiled from latest version or from any debain  
> repository, will not connect to anetwork. It sees networks, it knows what  
> type of encryption they have, what the signal strength is, > etc, but it  
> just won't work. It will only work if I "enable" or run ifup after telling  
> NM to attempt to connect. NM will pretend like it is doing all the work,  
> but it is really me with ifup. After starting NM, I have to go into the  
> config, and uncomment the "wireless-essid network" entry after so that  
> ifup will connect to the right one in the paragraph above.. ugh. Strange?  
> I think so. The network will work if I manually configure it, it's just NM  
> won't work.

Are you saying that this works if you just run wpa_supplicant manually,
but NetworkManager does not allow the network to be used? If yes, the
subject line is somewhat confusing and I would say that this should be
handled on the NM mailing list and not here..

Or are you saying that ifup is not using wpa_supplicant at all? I don't
know how the distro you are using is doing that part of the network
configuration, so this does not help me much in understanding what could
be happening there. Could you please try testing this with ap_scan=1
mode and starting wpa_supplicant manually just to make sure that the
scan results include the AP?

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