WPA_Supplicant doesn't seem to like WUSB54GS NDISWrapper drivers

Jacob fun2program8
Tue Aug 22 09:04:43 PDT 2006

I am desperate for an answer. If you guys need ANY information please let  
me know! I am willing to collect it as fast as I can!!!

I posted this at the Network-Manager

Network-Manager, compiled from latest version or from any debain  
repository, will not connect to anetwork. It sees networks, it knows what  
type of encryption they have, what the signal strength is, > etc, but it  
just won't work. It will only work if I "enable" or run ifup after telling  
NM to attempt to connect. NM will pretend like it is doing all the work,  
but it is really me with ifup. After starting NM, I have to go into the  
config, and uncomment the "wireless-essid network" entry after so that  
ifup will connect to the right one in the paragraph above.. ugh. Strange?  
I think so. The network will work if I manually configure it, it's just NM  
won't work.

The complete /var/log/syslog output is here:

Here is some wpa_supplicant specific logs:

I have an Ubuntu Dapper (6.06) distro with ndiswrapper drivers installed  
for the WUSB45GS v1 device.
I am grateful for any response I may get!!!


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