[PATCH] expanded dbus control interface functionality and cleanups

Dan Williams dcbw
Mon Aug 21 12:36:40 PDT 2006

Support a somewhat usable spread of commands, and clean up some D-Bus
API stuff.

- Move to abstract object paths for interfaces, rather than using the
interface's name, which can change, as part of the object path.  This
requires an additional field in struct wpa_supplicant because I don't
want to write my own out-of-band hash table code to map object paths to
interface structures.  No drivers are supposed to use struct
wpa_supplicant anyway, so there shouldn't be ABI issues.

- Add hooks for interface registration and unregistration to generate
and store the dbus object path

- Standardize D-Bus interfaces and object paths; separate dbus
interfaces for BSSIDs, networks, and network interfaces.

- Support adding, removing, selecting networks, setting network options,
interface capabilities, disconnecting, and ap_scan

- Add string array support to the D-Bus dict helpers

Patch is fairly large and wouldn't make it past moderation; grab it


Next up is hooking NetworkManager up with a dbus-enabled wpa_supplicant
and seeing where the puzzle pieces don't fit together.


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