Turning WZC back on at wpa_supplicant's termination.

George S. Lockwood gslockwood
Tue Aug 15 08:19:21 PDT 2006

Version 0.5.4 automatically stops (or disables) the WZC when it starts
up.  Later, when the supplicant begins to shutdown, it turns it back
on, BUT it must do one more thing: it must tell instruct the system to
"Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings".

this can be verified by bringing up the "Wireless Network Connection
Properties" dialog and chosing the "Wireless Networks" tab.  the check
box at the top of this panel will / should be checked.

Until then one cannot use the "Wireless Network Connections" window to
view the detected APs nor configure "Preferred Networks" profiles.

I am finding that the WZC has been started but the check box I refer
to is not checked.

Perhaps I'm not stopping the wpa_supplicant correctly??

Idea: how is the wpa_supplicant turnning WZC off? Perhaps Stopping it
vs. Disabling it, then Restart vs. Enabling it (instead of the way it
presently handles this exchange) will insure the check box is properly
check when the wpa_supplicant exits.



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