WPA_CLI how to use it in Windows

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Wed Aug 2 19:52:39 PDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 07:30:20AM -0700, George S. Lockwood wrote:

> I'm now trying to use the wpa_cli (and I suppose the gui app) to control the
> wpa_supplicant.
> But the cli app always returns: "Warning: Failed to attach to
> wpa_supplicant."
> is this an error?

It means that wpa_cli did not find running wpa_supplicant process that
had enabled the control interface.

> Do I first start the wpa_supplicant?  if so what form of conf file should it
> use (if I want to use the wpa_cli to control wpa_sup)?

As far as using wpa_cli or wpa_gui is concerned, you will need to
include ctrl_interface=udp in the configuration file. Other than that,
there are no additional requirements.

> Do I first start the wpa_supplicant in the background?
> and then the wpa_cli (or wpa_gui)?

It should be possible to do it either way, but in most cases, I would
recommend starting wpa_supplicant first.

> I could not find specific info in the readme documents.  Did I miss
> something in there?

README-Windows.txt has some information a bout using wpa_cli and how to
configure ctrl_interface, but admittedly, there is no thorough end-user
type documentation for this yet.

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