WPA_CLI how to use it in Windows

George S. Lockwood gslockwood
Wed Aug 2 07:30:20 PDT 2006

I'm now trying to use the wpa_cli (and I suppose the gui app) to control the

But the cli app always returns: "Warning: Failed to attach to

is this an error?

then it's in "Interactive mode"

Is this ok?  Why the warning? how can I attach?  don't I need to?


What is the precise order of operation?

Do I first start the wpa_supplicant?  if so what form of conf file should it
use (if I want to use the wpa_cli to control wpa_sup)?

Do I first start the wpa_supplicant in the background?

and then the wpa_cli (or wpa_gui)?

I could not find specific info in the readme documents.  Did I miss
something in there?

A specific list of how-to would be wonderful to have!!

thanks so much,

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