wpa_supplicant Windows port, again (WPA2)

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Sun Sep 25 17:22:20 PDT 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> If the AP is using IOS,

It is.

> you should be able to telnet (or use console cable) to it, run
> 'enable' command, get debug output on the telnet session ('terminal
> monitor') and then start enabling debugging with 'debug' command. I
> don't remember the exact debug commands, but if you type 'debug dot11
> ?', you should get a list of various options which can be enabled for
> debugging.

OK, will do.  We haven't really learned IOS yet; we've been doing
everything with the web interface.  (Mostly because we're just lazy, to
be honest. ;-) )

> OK. I haven't built wpa_supplicant with Cygwin for a long time, so I 
> don't know whether something has changed. Anyway, I'm about to
> release version 0.4.5, so I can include some changes with that.

OK, I'll watch for that.

> Gentoo's xmingw-* packages

Hmm.  I wondered if I was ever going to have problems because I use LFS;
looks like I am now.  ;-)  Anyway, I'll look into those packages, to try
to figure out what they build and how they build it.  And I'll see if I
can replicate that here.  (Good thing I have a bit of experience doing
that; I've read ebuilds before, and they're not terribly difficult.)

> However, there some more work to do to get WinPcap and OpenSSL (I'm
> using a patched version for EAP-FAST) building. If I remember 
> correctly, I just build these on cygwin under Windows and copy the 
> libraries and headers to my cross compiler tree.

Well, I wouldn't have to patch OpenSSL (we won't ever use EAP-FAST), and
I'm guessing I might be able to use the winpcap developer's pack instead
of building it.  But that's still some work to do.

I'll try to set that kind of environment up here, but if you release
0.4.5 before I get it going, I'll try that out first.

Thanks again!
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