Startup problems

Christian Frankerl MainNewz
Thu Sep 22 17:55:40 PDT 2005

Hello Bryan,

Friday, September 23, 2005, 12:24:09 AM, you wrote:

> Christian Frankerl wrote:
>> Thanks a lot for this detailed Informations :) In this case, i think
>> i try the WPA-Enterprise.
>> Which Packages does i need for WPA? I have installed the Hostap 
>> package but what else do i need? Can you tell me a good Tutorial or
>> Howto f?r WPA-Enterprise with hostap?

> No, I don't really have any links to tutorials or howtos (at least, not
> good, up to date ones).  I've never set up hostap though; I mostly use
> plastic AP boxes instead of real PCs for my access points.  But, the
> theory should be the same, I'm just not sure how you configure hostap.
> [...]

Ok, i think i will try this. First i read the RADIUS Howto on the

Thanks a lot for the informations, tips and help. :)

Best greets from Germany

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