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Christian Frankerl MainNewz
Thu Sep 22 05:40:35 PDT 2005

Hello Bryan,

Thursday, September 22, 2005, 12:51:05 AM, you wrote:

> Christian Frankerl wrote:
>> I want to configure an AP for my parents. They should connect from 
>> WindowsXP to the linux AP.
>> How should i solve the security problem? Should i use OpenVPN or can
>> i use hostap if there are WindowsXP clients too? Can i use the RADIUS
>> solution with WindowsXP? Is RADIUS only the authentication sytem or
>> does it encrypt the connection too?

> RADIUS isn't exactly the authentication system, but it's close enough.
> To be pedantic, the authentication protocol is EAPOL (EAP over LAN),
> which is also called 802.1x.  (Or at least, that's the authentication
> protocol used between the supplicant (the wireless device) and the
> access point.  Between the access point and the authentication server,
> the protocol used is RADIUS.  But those RADIUS packets are tunnelling
> EAPOL packets.)  And no, it doesn't do encryption on its own.
> [...]

Thanks a lot for this detailed Informations :) In this case, i think i
try the WPA-Enterprise.

Which Packages does i need for WPA? I have installed the Hostap
package but what else do i need? Can you tell me a good Tutorial or
Howto f?r WPA-Enterprise with hostap?


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