Startup problems

Christian Frankerl MainNewz
Tue Sep 20 09:54:18 PDT 2005


i have installed gentoo on my machine and have emerged the following

*  net-wireless/hostap-driver
      Latest version installed: 0.3.9

*  net-wireless/hostap-utils
      Latest version installed: 0.3.7

*  net-wireless/hostapd
      Latest version installed: 0.3.9-r1

I finished the configuration. When i try to start the hostapd startup
script, i get the following errormessage:

# /etc/init.d/hostapd start

 * Starting wlan0
 *   Configuring wireless network for wlan0
 *     no access points found
Sep 20 18:49:15 router rc-scripts:   no access points found
 *   Couldn't find any access points on wlan0
 *   Failed to configure wireless for wlan0                                                                                                                      [ !! ]
 * ERROR:  Problem starting needed services.
 *         "hostapd" was not started.

Why is wlan0 searching for an accesspoint? I want to run my wlan-pci
card as accesspoint and not to connect to it.

Can anyone help me to start up :) ? Where can i get a good howto for gentoo-linux?

Thx a lot

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