WPA-Enterprise and wpa_supplicant/hostapd

Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn cristian.ionescu-idbohrn
Mon Sep 19 11:22:20 PDT 2005

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, Jason Carr wrote:

> I've been having some weird issues with wpa_supplicant connecting to
> EAP-TLS networks.  At home I have hostapd setup, a reauth period of 300
> seconds, and I get disconnected every once and awhile.  It likes to
> disconnect and go into scanning mode and never actually reauthenticates.
> I would think that if the access point requests a reauth from the
> client, the client would just reauth instead of dropping the port.
> [another supplicant] also seems to have a similar problem.

I noticed a simmilar problem with the wired driver.  The senario is like

* the wired supplicant connected to a cisco switch
* wpa_supplicant is started and authenticates
* the switch opens the port
* now I take the supplicant plug out from the switch port
* wait a second and plug it back in
* the switch sends a EAP-Request (as it is supposed to)
* the supplicant can't mannage to reauthenticate

Shouldn't be difficult to reproduce in another environment, but I can
provide the debug log/trace if required.


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