wpa_supplicant: multiple MAC's during wpa setup fom AP

Wouter wsh
Sun Sep 18 23:30:47 PDT 2005

> On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 09:39:44PM +0200, Wouter Ketting wrote:
>> When starting wpa_supplicant the EAPOL packets are sent to the "wrong"
>> destination, since my speedtouch 580 AP apparently uses other (vendor)
>> hardware to setup the wpa/wifi (EAPOL part?) connection. So (most?)
>> EAPOL packets should be sent to another MAC address, then the MAC
>> address the AP uses in for example the 'scan' result. From a capture
>> made in windows XP I've verified this behaviour.
> Could you please send me a capture log showing the addresses used during
> the handshake and description of what each MAC address is in the setup?

Attached are 2 captures (libpcap files, generated by Ethereal). The linux
capture is the failing one (wpa_supplicant), the winXP capture is
successful. Both captures are generated from the same machine. On linux
I'm using ndiswrapper on fedora core 4 (x64) and wpa_supplicant 0.4.4.
Windows XP is 32 bit, and the 64 bit driver I'm using for linux is
working, since non wpa connections can be made with success. I'm using a
setup of my ap that has wpa-psk with tkip.

For completeness I've also attached a debug output of wpa_supplicant
during a failing connect attempt.

>> The thread however did not metion any solution or workaround for this
>> problem. Is there any? How come windows xp supplicant does not have this
>> problem?
> I have been unable to reproduce a test case that would so WinXP
> supplicant working in a case where wpa_supplicant would not. I can
> certainly change wpa_supplicant behavior if such a case can be
> reproduced and documented in the way that it is possible to figure out
> what exactly should happen in the negotiation.

I'm curious whether the manufacturer actually is selling a faulty device
here, because of the behaviour. (Besides that I want to connect to my AP
with wpa, of course :)

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