wpa_supplicant: multiple MAC's during wpa setup fom AP

Wouter Ketting wsh
Sun Sep 18 12:39:44 PDT 2005


The issue I have is the same as a prior issue mentioned earlier in this 


When starting wpa_supplicant the EAPOL packets are sent to the "wrong" 
destination, since my speedtouch 580 AP apparently uses other (vendor) 
hardware to setup the wpa/wifi (EAPOL part?) connection. So (most?) 
EAPOL packets should be sent to another MAC address, then the MAC 
address the AP uses in for example the 'scan' result. From a capture 
made in windows XP I've verified this behaviour.

The thread however did not metion any solution or workaround for this 
problem. Is there any? How come windows xp supplicant does not have this 


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