wpa-supplicant for adhoc networking?

Pablo Osuna posuna
Sun Sep 18 02:52:20 PDT 2005


I am also interested in using WPA for an adhoc network. I am quite new
in WPA, but I would like to ask if at least it is possible to use WPA
Personal (pre-shared key authentication) with wpa-supplicant in an adhoc



El s?b, 17-09-2005 a las 19:00 -0700, Jouni Malinen escribi?:
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 06:09:05PM -0500, newbie wpa-list wrote:
> > Hi, Is there a way to use wpa_supplicant for a network of adhoc nodes. I
> > use the simple WEP encryption for adhoc nodes, but I am not at all
> > satisfied with the security WEP offers. I would rather prefer to use
> > certificates to authenticate adhoc nodes. I have used wpa_supplicant for
> > certificate based authentication among in Infrastructure mode, and I
> > thought there must be a way to use the software for adhoc mode as well.
> > If its not that easy and might require a lot of changes in the software,
> > I would appreciate if someone from the developing guys could give me a
> > hint which files could be interesting to look at for possible changes and
> > what serious issues I might solve once I try to include / rewrite some
> > code for getting the software working for my adhoc network.
> Doing full IEEE 802.11i/802.1X authentication for adhoc networks would
> indeed require a lot of changes and not only in wpa_supplicant, but also
> in the drivers. Basically, one would need to integrate authenticator
> from hostapd with wpa_supplicant and allow wpa_supplicant to act as both
> the authenticator and supplicant between multiple adhoc nodes.
> There has been some work on this area, but I think quite a bit more will
> still be needed to get this working.

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