Question about auto select free channel !

Franz Skale franz.skale
Fri Sep 16 03:26:08 PDT 2005

I have a problem regarding channel select on hostap interfaces.
I habe an ISL PCMCIA Adapter flashed with the newest firmware 1.8.4 from
All is working bur i takes a little interaction to bring up my WLAN.
When hostapd starts the default channel is 3.
But if a wlan sends already on channel 3 i cannot connect to my hostap
There's always a encrpytion error in my syslog.
If i set the channel to a free one (My client does a iwlist scanning)
the WLAN with hostap is working.
Now my question:
Is it possible that the hostapd scans the WLAN and selects a free
channel available ?
Is it possible with iwpriv ?
My client is a ipw200 on debian etch and kernel

Thanks in advance

Franz Skale

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