orinoco usb-pcmcia bridge + HostAP driver

luca llcfhll
Thu Sep 15 08:26:25 PDT 2005


I have a powerbook 12" without pcmcia slot and I have look for a good 
device for wardriving .
I have found Orinoco USB Gold and it works very good for passive 
attack(kismet,airsnort) but I dont find a solutions for attive attack 
(many use the HostAP driver support).

Is realy  possibile use the orinoco pcmcia-usb bridge with a prism card 
with HostAP driver ?

I have read in ML that :

You can also buy Orinoco *USB*, crack it open and put a Prism 2/2.5 card
instead of the Lucent card that's inside.  Then try to merge orinoco_usb
with linux-wlan-ng and load tertiary firmware on it.

Is test this configuration ?

Because I have ask a similar question on Orinoco ML and I have got this 


l> Can I use the usual driver for prism 2 card  PCMCIA or I must use always
l> the same orinoco driver?

You must use always orinoco_usb.c driver. Orinoco_usb.c is driver for
ezusb - pcmcia-usb bridge. This driver for bridge cooperates only with
orinoco.c driver. "orinoco.c" driver contains drivers for hermes-I,
prism-2, prism-2.5, symbol cards and maybe something else. So your
prism card in USB-PCMCIA adapter will function in the same way like
prism card in PCMCIA laptop slot with orinoco_pcmcia driver. You must
know, that orinoco driver is not adviced for prism cards, espescialy
it doesn't work properly with kismet.



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