Hardware and software recommendations for testing WPA2+EAP-TLS+AES

Michael Wang mwang25
Wed Sep 14 17:22:11 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I need to get wpa_supplicant running in one week to evaluate it. 
Specifically, I need to verify that wpa_supplicant works in WPA2 mode, doing 
EAP-TLS, and AES encryption. I have an Atheros AP and FreeRadius server that 
supports all this stuff, and I have a laptop to act as the STA.

My laptop is running Fedora Core 3 and I would like to stay with it if I 
can, but I would be willing to move to Suse if that will make my life 

I'm open to buying any mainstream wifi card, preferably a/b/g. I am 
currently looking at the Netgear WAG511 because it uses the Atheros 5001X or 
5004X chipset, which supports AES, and there is a firmware upgrade from 
Netgear that says "Added support for WMM and WPA2". I'm assuming AES is 
included in their WPA2 support.

My main concern is the interface between wpa_supplicant and the driver. 
Should I use NDIS wrapper (does NDIS wrapper support the WPA2 OID's yet?) or 
should I use MadWifi (does MadWifi support the 802.11i RSN IE?) or something 

Has anyone else done WPA2+EAP-TLS+AES? What was your config?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

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