key exchange issue with Aironet 1232AG AP

CHui CHui
Mon Sep 12 12:00:48 PDT 2005

The wpa_supplicant 0.3.9 running on Windows XP starts getting the handshake
failure after I upgraded the Cisco Aironet 1232AG AP from IOS 12.3(2)JA to
12.3(7)JA.  Although it seems to be a Cisco issue since the only variant in
this case was the IOS version upgrade, other supplicant software like
Windows Zero Configuration and SecureW2 continue to work without problem.
When the connection failed, the Cisco Aironet reported handshake timeout
after sending "PTK msg 1".  Likewise, the wpa_supplicant  would drop and try
to associate again.  This process could go on for many times before the
wpa_supplicant finally connected with the message "WPA: Key negotiation
completed with 00:13:.. {PTK=CMP GTK=TKIP]".  The AP handshake timeout is
set to 100 ms by default.  I am not sure if this timeout value could be
adjusted (pending on the vendor's reply).  Nevertheless, with the
wpa_supplicant, I would like to know if the key exchange process be tuned to
fix this timeout issue.  Has anybody experience the same issue with the
Cisco AP and has a work around? 




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