wpa-supplicant questions

Bar, Eitan eitanb
Wed Sep 7 09:48:49 PDT 2005

Hi all,


I'm a newbie here, and I got some questions regarding wpa-supplicant. I
hope that someone can answer :-)


1.	Does OpenSSL have to be compiled and linked along wpa-supplicant
even if only WPA(2)-PSK is used?
2.	If so, what is the expected object size of the openSSL
libraries? Should I expect only the crypto module to be compiled and
linked or also the SSL/TLS protocol? 
3.	In case my driver "needs" to be responsible for AP (BSSID)
selection, setting ap_scan=2 in the config file should do the trick,
4.	After successful connection with WPA-PSK (for example), If my
driver performs roaming to another WPA-PSK AP, is it enough for my
driver to simply signal the wpa-supplicant of the roaming-event through
EVENT_ASSOC event ? Will the wpa-supplicant then simply initiate EAPOL
sequence accordingly (of course after Get-WPA-IE etc etc)?
5.	Can somebody please explain sequence of events with

	a.	Who initiates pre-authenticaion? (driver request or
wpa-supplicant performs this alone?)
	b.	If wpa-supplicant initiates this, does it still do so if
"ap-scan=2"? Since list of other APs with same SSID can only be
retrieved through get-scan-results API
	c.	If driver should initiate, how does it do so?
	d.	Can the driver be notified of success/failure of
pre-authenticaion process? (I mean besides set-pmkid per AP)
	e.	In which cases flush_pmkid and remove_pmkid are called?


I would really appreciate answers to any of the above questions :-)


Thanks all! :-)



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