HFA384X_EV_TX interrupt handling

Sungwon Han sungwon2
Wed Sep 7 02:29:50 PDT 2005


I need your help!!

I modified hostap_hw.c to check the HFA384X_EV_TX event by hardware 

#define HFA384X_EVENT_MASK \
( ...... | HFA384X_EV_TX | ........)

static irqreturn_t prism2_interrupt()

if (ev & HFA384X_EV_TX) {
printk(KERN_DEBUG "HFA384X_EV_TX\n");


But the HFA384X_EV_TX event does not happen. (I cannot see "HFA384X_EV_TX" 
message through dmesg command)

The version of my hostap driver is 0.2.0.

Thank you for your kind reply in advance!!

- Hans
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