txpower issues new info: 4m, 600m, 5km

Beat Meier bmeier
Mon Sep 5 18:39:09 PDT 2005

Jim Thompson wrote:

> On Sep 2, 2005, at 2:47 PM, Jim Thompson wrote:

I have not yet studied in detail your info but thanks .
I live in Argentina and we can use here 1W output of radio in point to 
and 4W point to point ...
But the ubiquiti seems really to be "unstable".

For information:

I have "testet" now the 3 cards of ubiquity which everyone has an other 
output level or what ever
and 2 Seano 5354 MP PLUS ARIES2 4G which have the same "level".

I've rotated cards in server and clients and juste several antennas, 
antenna cables and pigtails
to see how it changes...

The tests were done again with server antenna 3db, client grid 22dbi.
The best constellation was
server sees client at: Signal: -34 SNR: +61 which are the 2 Seano 5354 
and client sees server at: Signal: -26  SNR: +69 which is a ubiquiti SR5 
The other  ubiquiti cards have -37/+58 resp. -43/+52.
I think this is too much differences for 3 cards ...
BTW: Seano cards in server and client gives me at both sides
Signal: -34 SNR:+61
I had no packet loss.
Can anybody explain me why there are such differences in the signal level?
It's exactly the same configuration. It doesn't change if I place client 
1m from server...
If I use a 3db duck for client also signal level changes to 50

With my linksys system (wrt54G & wpc54g) (2.4Ghz) and ndiswrapper  I have
a signal of -32 and  I don't think that wpc54 has a high gain antenna :-)
So what's wrong with 5.8 GHz or madwifi or wpa_supplicant/hostapd?

I have tests outdor with 90m and there I had packet loss with 
client/server ubiquiti SR5 cards
no packet loss with 2 Seano 5354 cards client/server but this I have to 
do again.

Now my "long distance link" test with 600m.
I have testes with an omni 12dbi (30m above ground) and client grid 22dbi.
Server has other 400mw card and client tested with all other cards.

What I have is
Client sees server at signal: -82 SNR +13db (all cards)
Server sees client at signal: -73 / +22db (only testet with client 400mw 
What with all this nice calculation utils which tells you will have XX 
db at 1km
5km and I have nothing at 600m ??? Could it be that the omni is broken?
Can I do a test with a ruber duck of +3db for long distance test?

At my home I have (5km) (of course 22dbi grid 15m above ground)
Client sees server at signal: -90 SNR +5db
and it's impossible to have a connection ...

Now what is wrong? As already noted before the output is very low even 
with the 200mw card
because of power limitation of hal?
I set power level to 0 (unlimited?).

Every info I have from peoble says that it's ok to leave the default 
cards would send with the
max allowed value but why I cannot use more than even with country code 
from argentina????

Now after 8 month of work I have realy to go to an commercial distro 
which can handle
output power or second solution throw all the nice stuff to the trash 
and go to 2.4GHz
who is already crowded?

Who can help me???

Thanks and greetings


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