wpa_Supplicant, PEAP, MSCHAPV2 and linux

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Fri Sep 2 19:06:58 PDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 12:27:33PM -0600, David Lonie wrote:

> Setting authentication timeout: 10 sec 0 usec
> RX EAPOL from 00:07:0e:b4:2a:f0
> Setting authentication timeout: 70 sec 0 usec
> WPA: EAPOL frame too short, len 46, expecting at least 99

This is expected output. What comes after that line?

> When I add in the ctrl_interface options, it crashes, so I left them out.

What do you mean with "crashing"?

> Anyone know what to do about the frame being too short? Is there an 
> option to set it?

That frame is from IEEE 802.1X state machines and WPA state machine is
just ignoring it (as it should in this case).

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