Where to buy PCMCIA cards with Prism chipset ?

Tom Sharples tsharples
Fri Sep 2 14:01:10 PDT 2005

Sure, they are being made by Xcomax (sold here as the SMC2532w-b) and Senao. 
However we've found that the latest prism3 based smc2532w-b, (which is a 
rebadged Zcomax XI-330hp) won't support the auto-power mode unless you roll 
back the station fiormware to 1.3.2.  This means that various aspects of 
hostAP that require the newer station firmware won't work properly. So until 
someone figues out a solution you'd probably want to buy the Senao version.

Tom Sharples
Qorvus Systems, Inc.

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Subject: Where to buy PCMCIA cards with Prism chipset ?

>  Can anyone recommend someplace I can buy a few hundred
>  Prism 2, 2.5 or 3 chipset based PCMCIA cards from ??
>  (Are any of these cards still being manufactured ??
>   and are they still available through normal distribution channels ??)
> Thanks,
>   Stuart
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