Can HostAP be used with manged mode?

Tony Espy espy
Tue Mar 29 13:30:07 PST 2005

Ognjen Bezanov wrote:
> Ok, so i have hostap installed on my PC (with a prism II pcmcia card)
> and it functions as an access point well.
> Now my question is how can i get the card to work in managed mode?
> sometimes i want to associate to other networks but the card (when
> placed in managed mode) refuses to associate to any AP.
> Can the hostap(_cs)  driver work in managed mode?


> If it can how do i go about setting it up to?

first, checkout the README in the top-level of the driver we used to say, 'RTFM'.  ;)-

if the driver/modules are already loaded, you need to make sure that you 
set the mode to "managed", then mark at least one of the devices ( eg. 
wlan0 ) UP with 'ifconfig'.

to associate with an open AP, you need hostap.o and hostap_cs.o modules; 
the command to associate with an AP is:

iwconfig wlan0 essid <ESSIDNAME>

if the AP is configured for WEP, you need the additional 
hostap_crypt_wep.o module.

then do something like this:

iwconfig wlan0 essid <ESSID> key 01ffab....  OR s:ASCIIKey

if you're trying to associate with a WPA access point, you'll need 
wpa_supplicant in the picture too.

Tony Espy
Pepper Computer

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