Question about Access Point roaming time interval

eduardgv eduardgv
Wed Mar 23 04:00:49 PST 2005


I find your experiment interesting. Is your client loading the AP with
traffic, is it receiving traffic from the AP or there is no traffic at

I think that if the client acts as "sender", it shall perform a faster
handover since it is not getting layer 2 ACKs and hence, it realizes
the AP is down. I think values from 300 to 500 ms should be measured.

I 'd be grateful if you post the results ;)

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 20:26:11 -0800, Jungle Cui <> wrote:
> Hello!
> We use SMC-2532W-B WiFi card did the following experiment:
> 1): Set up two access points with same configuration in WEP mode
> 2): Have the WiFi card associate with one of the access point
> 3): Turn off the access point that the WiFi card is associated with
> 4): Then, as expected, the WiFi card automatically associates with the other access point
> 5): We use Sniffer to monitor the traffic and find out that: it takes about 3.8
> seconds for the whole roaming (de-association and re-association) process to complete.
> (We measure it by counting the time interval between the last beacon from the 1st access
> point and the Probe Request from the Wifi card. Actually, after the Probe Request
> is sent out, it just takes about 200ms for re-association to complete)
> 6): We get the same results no matter weather the "host_roaming" is set to 0 or 1
> We just want to know why it takes about 3.8 seconds for the WiFi card to find out that
> the 1st access point is no along available and need to seek another one? Is there
> any way for us to shorten this timne interval?
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