Question about Access Point roaming time interval

Jungle Cui jcui
Tue Mar 22 20:26:11 PST 2005


We use SMC-2532W-B WiFi card did the following experiment:

1): Set up two access points with same configuration in WEP mode
2): Have the WiFi card associate with one of the access point
3): Turn off the access point that the WiFi card is associated with
4): Then, as expected, the WiFi card automatically associates with the other access point
5): We use Sniffer to monitor the traffic and find out that: it takes about 3.8
seconds for the whole roaming (de-association and re-association) process to complete.
(We measure it by counting the time interval between the last beacon from the 1st access 
point and the Probe Request from the Wifi card. Actually, after the Probe Request
is sent out, it just takes about 200ms for re-association to complete)
6): We get the same results no matter weather the "host_roaming" is set to 0 or 1

We just want to know why it takes about 3.8 seconds for the WiFi card to find out that
the 1st access point is no along available and need to seek another one? Is there
any way for us to shorten this timne interval?

Best Regards,

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