How do you install HostAP on a stripped down Linux system?

Ged Haywood ged
Sat Mar 19 02:25:39 PST 2005

Hi there,

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 Doug Bradford <boavista54 at sbcglobal dot net> wrote:

> I have the latest hostap driver and related programs successfully
> running on my development system.  How do I install hostap driver
> and related programs on a second stripped down Linux machine that
> has no development environment?

Either build the kernel with HostAP compiled into it or make a module
and transfer that module to the second system so that the kernel can
load it.  In that case the module must have been compiled for the
kernel that is going to load it so be careful if the two machines run
different kernels.  Would I be right in guessing that the system that
has no development environment is a firewall?


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