access point for hostapd?

Stefan gentoopower
Thu Mar 10 13:47:55 PST 2005

Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

>I'm looking for some access point where I can replace
>the binary only firmware with backdoords with some
>self compiled linux distribution. linksys wrt54g looks
>nice, but its driver does not support hostapd.
>if you have any idea of an access point, where I can
>replace the software, too, but it does have a driver
>that works with hostapd, then please let me know.
>(or some mini pc where I can add pc cards?)
>Thanks, Andreas
Checkout netgear wireless routers for some models you will find the 
sources to the linuxversion and apps that are running on the router here:

Unfortunately they don't ship the webconfig pages and some other tool, 
but basically the rest is there.

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