Help with hostap 0.2.6 and with 0.1.3

Jar jar
Tue Mar 8 06:51:44 PST 2005

> Hello everyone,
> This question might be a little old looking at the current hostap versions out
> there. However, I am stuck with an old version of the kernel. I am trying to install
> hostap-driver-0.2.6 to my RedHat Linux 9.0 box(kernel: 2.4.20-8). Initially when I
> tried to install I got an error saying that it did not find a .config file. So I
> went to /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-8 and did a make xconfig and created a .config file
> without changing the existing kernel configuration.

How about:

1. Install the kernel-source.rpm which version is the same as the current running
2. cd /usr/src/
3. Do symbolic link linux-2.4.20-8 --> linux
4. cd linux and do "make mrproper"
5. copy /boot/config-2.4.20-8 /usr/src/linux/.config
6. Run "make dep"
7. Compile & install hostap normally

Best Regards, Jar

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