WPA PSK-key length problem?

Holger Schurig hs4233
Mon Mar 7 07:14:17 PST 2005

On Monday 07 March 2005 10:42, Holger Schurig wrote:

Okay, found out even more. First I upgraded my Cisco to Software Version 
12.3(2)JA2, and I had to change my debug command to "debug dot11 aaa 
manager all".

Then I used a Windows XP workstation with some D-Link card and the D-Link 
driver to do a WPA PSK/TKIP connect. It successfully authenticated. Some 
debug output here:

*Mar  1 00:03:32.203: dot11_mgr_disp_wlccp_update_auth: unknown auth type 

  Okay, if we get the same error with WinXP, then we can ignore this
  error message.

*Mar  1 00:03:32.204: dot11_mgr_sm_start_ssn_psk: Starting 4-way handshake 
for PSK supplicant 000f.3dac.381b
*Mar  1 00:03:33.252: dot11_mgr_sm_parse_client_pak: Received EAPOL packet 
from 000f.3dac.381b
*Mar  1 00:03:33.252: EAPOL pak dump rx
*Mar  1 00:03:33.252: EAPOL Version: 0x1  type: 0x3  length: 0x0077
*Mar  1 00:03:33.252: EAP code: 0xFE id: 0x1  length: 0x0900 type: 0x20

  Again, here the Cisco outputs mambo: a weird length of 0x0900. But
  later on it works ...

00E04A80:                            01030077              ...w
00E04A90: FE010900 20000000 00000000 02A0D6FC  ~... ........ V|
00E04AA0: B2D9F1F3 335A30DA 6DB38A91 EDF3F623  2Yqs3Z0Zm3..msv#
00E04AB0: EC818C6A 06B4605D 63E70152 65000000  l..j.4`]cg.Re...
00E04AC0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ................
00E04AD0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00AD6225  .............-b%
00E04AE0: E1243984 7C858175 6F29254C 160018DD  a$9.|..uo)%L...]
00E04AF0: 160050F2 01010000 50F20201 000050F2  ..Pr....Pr....Pr
00E04B00: 02010000 50F202                      ....Pr.
*Mar  1 00:03:33.254: dot11_mgr_sm_parse_client_pak: eapol ver 1 type 3 
posting event 0x9 to 000f.3dac.381b
*Mar  1 00:03:33.254: dot11_mgr_sm_run_machine: Executing 
Action(PTK_MSG2_WAIT,RECV_EAPOL_KEY_RSP) for 000f.3da
*Mar  1 00:03:33.255: dot11_mgr_sm_recv_ptk_msg2:
*Mar  1 00:03:33.255: dot11_mgr_sm_recv_ptk_msg2: got ptk msg2
*Mar  1 00:03:33.255: dot11_dot1x_verify_ptk_handshake: verifying PTK msg 
2 from 000f.3dac.381b
*Mar  1 00:03:33.255: dot11_dot1x_ssn_generate_ptk: wpa-v2 PSK: use ssid 
psk as pmk

   At this point we have a difference. That indicates that the error was
   not in the first (dumped) data packat, but in the second one, which
   has not been dumped. Maybe I just miss the proper "debug" command for
   this ...

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