WPA PSK-key length problem?

Holger Schurig hs4233
Mon Mar 7 03:33:28 PST 2005

Hehe, over time I'll probably solve my problem by myself.

Here is another odd thing I found:

> *Mar  1 00:18:47.562: EAPOL pak dump rx
> *Mar  1 00:18:47.562: EAPOL Version: 0x1  type: 0x3  length: 0x0077
> *Mar  1 00:18:47.562: EAP code: 0xFE id: 0x1  length: 0x0900 type: 0x20
> 00E14540:                   01030077 FE010900          ...w~...
> 00E14550: 20000000 00000000 01CF1D81 62ABC030   ........O..b+ at 0

It displays a packat length of 0x900 bytes. I guess the AP interpreted the 
packet not as a struct wpa_eapol_key (from wpa.h), but as a struct 
ieee802_1x_eapol_key ...

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