Something to add to hostap_cs.conf (2nd attempt) oops...

mrcool at mrcool
Tue Jun 28 15:09:24 PDT 2005


I found that the following card [NL-2511EXT2+Mercury]
( did not
initialize properly when inserted, as the 200Mw version does... the following
added to hostap_cs.conf makes it work:

card "Prism25"
   version "WLAN", "11Mbps_PC-Card_3.0", "ISL37100P", "Eval-RevA"
   manfid 0x000b, 0x7100
   bind "hostap_cs"

The "Prism25" after the card entry I made up, so I think you could use
whatever there, but I know this works, I have done it twice.

Good luck, 


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