which wireless card choose ?

Jan Satko satko
Fri Jun 17 10:39:15 PDT 2005

Can someone help me with choosing correct wireless PCI card which is fully
supported by hostapd ?
I need 802.1x, WPA-PEAP (radius) and ofcourse 802.11g, linux kernel 2.4
and card MUST have "master mode" support. I want build linux access point
with WPA (radius).

My choice can be (i assume) only madwifi (atheros chipset) or prism54.
hostap driver is for prism 2/2.5 cards which are only 802.11b without WPA.

Prism54 is not well supported by hostapd, so only madwifi i can use ?
Hmm...but which card is well known supported by madwifi ? Which has
802.11g, WPA (PEAP) and can be used in master mode ????

You cannot find card like this ? Me too :-(
I'm now thinking if it is possible. And I don't understand why on hostap
web pages is support for prism54 listed. Because it's not a true !

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