kernel: wifi0: invalid skb->cb magic (0x74736f68, expected 0xf08a36a2)

Volker Widor volker
Thu Jun 16 00:29:06 PDT 2005


first my system:
hostap_pci (i tried 0.3.7 and 0.4.1)
debian stable (sarge) => utils 0.3.7
wlan is Netgear MA311 802.11b (wlan0, wifi0)
wep is activated, hostapd is not running.

until now all works fine.
connected are 2 laptops (linux & win-xp), two desktop-pc (one xp-only, one xp 
& linux).
now i tryed to connect my new pocket-pc (loox 420).
wep seems to work, dhcp also works - the poket-pc gets the right ip/gw.
but i am not able to access the net from my pocket-pc.
if i try web, ssh, etc from my pocket-pc i always get the message:
kernel: wifi0: invalid skb->cb magic (0x74736f68, expected 0xf08a36a2)
in the syslog (and dmesg).
the other computers still work fine.

searched the mailinglist-archive of hostap i only found that this will occour, 
if i try to use wifi0 instead of wlan0. so i searched my config but did not 
find anything for wifi0 at all.
also the other connections using my ap work fine - so question is, why i get 
this error only on my pocket-pc?

maybe this is not a problem of the hostap-driver but the kernel (same error on 
hostap 0.3.7 AND 0.4.1).
but would be nice to solve this - and hostap is the only place this 
ocours :-)


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